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SACHS Super Touring

Highest level of functional safety
With the Super Touring range, Sachs is setting the standard for shock absorbers. Developed and produced with the competence of a leading OEM, they stand for safety, reliability and durability.
The technical equipment has been adapted to meet the requirements of the automobile industry. This guarantees the same level of safety and comfort that you would find in a new vehicle. Top quality materials and processing methods provide corrosion resistance and low wear and tear. Examples of this are chrome-plated and highly polished piston rods and wear-and-tear-proof piston rod guides. The combination of these two components not only guarantees the air-tightness of the shock absorber, but high level of comfort as well thanks to low friction. Additionally, the fact that the water-based lacquer not only provides reliable protection against stones, salt water corrosion and other environmental influences but is also environmentally-friendly (as is the case with all Sachs products), makes the whole thing perfect.

Driving comfort
The Sachs Super Touring range is aimed at drivers who like to do their daily driving without problems and their holiday driving with ease – thus expecting high safety and comfort. In city traffic, on country roads and on the highway. For almost all vehicles.

SACHS Advantage
Advantage puts an emphasis on individual requirements
Sachs Advantage is the alternative for the highest demands in all driving situations. Individually adapted to each vehicle for that decisive plus in handling and driving stability. Advantage combines sportiness with comfort.

Sachs Advantage a head start through technology
In the Advantage series, you will only find single and twin tube gas pressure shock absorbers. Special techniques are employed wherever they can lead to a noticeable improvement to driving performance. An example of this is groove technology, which helps to adapt the absorption power to the certain vehicles. Or state-of-the-art valve technology which permits a special coordination of digressive characteristics. Advanced technology precisely and individually tailor made to suit each vehicle type, axle construction and suspension design. In this way, Advantage convinces above all by its high safety reserves and optimum road-holding.


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